Full Moon Vision Board: October Dreaming

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Eleanor Roosevelt

What Dreams are stirring? What is Awakening? These were the question posed by the Southern Hemisphere Full Worm Moon on September 30th by Jamie Ridler who each month makes a Full moon dreamboard and then shares this on her blog. I love that she includes both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. I first joined in making a full moon dream board last month with the Blue Moon

This month  in the Northern Hemisphere it was The Full Corn Moon which asks “What dreams do I wish to bring to fruition?” Both moon were focussed on dreams. I read over at Cauldrons and Cupcakes with Nicole Cody that it was also a time to let go. For me that was very relevant as this month I am finally releasing the last of my indiividually handpainted textiles to the world.

My dreams/intentions that I am visioning and taking action on this month are:

  • ♥ My sold out Online Studio Sale which starts on October 3rd, runs for all of Octoberand one lucky person will win a Suzie Cheel Handpainted Original
  • ♥ Giving this blog a facelift and making it fast and lean
  • ♥ Living in the NOW being truly present, letting go of all the WHAT IFs
  • ♥ Launching Your Weekly Heart Whispers- join in above to get heart juice each week- Here is the link to this week’s one 
  • ♥ New cover for my book emerging: A meditation on the emotions of change and a version of the book
  • ♥ Work on my financial abundance: with the past 15 months having a serious healing journey where I did focus on abundant health, I am ready now for manifesting increased cash flow and  $abundance.
  • ♥ Attracting a new home on the Sunshine Coast- we feel ready for a change.
  • ♥ Continuing my daily gratitude practise that started back in August and i have continued with daily since. I now keep a paper journal.
I will be continuing my daily wellness and my bone building program.
What dreams are awakening for you this month?
With gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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  1. Awesome! I also recommend dreamboards in order to be able to have some vision. My dream for an online business seems to be shaping up- though I am still far away. I can see some ‘practice’ success.
    Rob Leonardo recently posted…5 Culprits Who Steal Your Self-Confidence EverydayMy Profile

  2. Suzie, such an energetic post! May everything you attract and manifest come true – that’s my heartfelt wish for you. Love you, my friend!

    Vidya Sury recently posted…Gandhi Bapu, My Books and MeMy Profile

  3. Suzie- what a neat idea and inspiring post! I purchased a several years ago a cloth pin board with the ribbons attached where you attach photos etc. and bought fabric that was printed witn intentions and I had the intention to make this a dreamboard and hang it up and place things on it for things I want to manifest in my life and there it sits in a corner in the same bag. Thank you for writing this post as I will be getting it out this weekend and working on it as it is definitely time and the season to do it as we head toward winter and that time for dreaming what we want to come next into our lives now and grow next year! Thank you! Marilyn
    Marilyn Schendel recently posted…Ocean Waters ~ Rivers ~ LakesMy Profile

    • Hi Marilyn ,
      Welcome , it makes my heart sing that a blog post can inspire you to take pout your special board- I love those boards with ribbons, make sure you take a photo of it and I would love to see it.
      I love the name of your site and water is so special to me and I love to have my feet in the sea each morning as I walk on the beach.
      have fun making your board :)
      Suzie Cheel recently posted… Are You Ready To Wake Up? : Jodi Chapman Shares Her Empowering Coming Back To Life StoryMy Profile

  4. Suzie~ I love your vision board!!! Isn’t it fun that the month began with a full moon to propel us all forward in our dreams and desires???? I love vision boards and did at the end of the summer for the end of the year.~ I also just finished my first mind-movie and that adds a whole new dimension to subconsciously seeding our goals! Here’s to our Success!!!

    • Hi Laura
      Welcome- yes it is wonderful that the full moon was at the end of the month and is so again I think this month. Yes mind movies are wonderful maybe next month I will make one.
      Yes wishing you success too :)
      Suzie Cheel recently posted…How Often Do You Allow Yourself To Just BE?My Profile


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