Falls In The Night, Patience And Getting To Stillness


“The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen.”Ralph Marston

I have become a modeller of patience- something my friend Heather Bestel aka The Feel Good Fairy called me recently.  I shared that I had been given information and a demonstration of how fragile my spine was,  even though I was feeling great. I was going  to have to take extreme care, that meant I have to ask for help more, be even more patient and be very gentle with myself.

In the past patience has not been a strong virtue of mine and not even in my nature. After all I am a  first born, a Capricorn with a strong independent streak and have a do it now attitude and behaviour!  Over the past 16 m0nths I have been given many, many opportunities to practice developing my patience.

The last week I was given several real tests of patience that had me knowing I have to do more listening to my heart whispers and take time to be still. On Wednesday  in the middle of the night I slipped as I was going to the loo and found myself on the bathroom floor. I landed on my hip and taking the fall with my left wrist, I climbed back into bed- giving my wrist reiki and praying nothing was broken. Imagine my delight when I woke up and saw there was no swelling, no bruises and I could move my wrist- painful but not fractured.  I was delighted, this was, Stephanie reminded me that wrists wer a sign of reaching too far!!! ….. Well maybe just a little:) Louise Hay says it is about movement and ease- maybe I was trying too do too much and there was stress at play not ease.

The next morning I was to follow through on my intentions to do live video and share my scarves and quilts as part of my online studio sale  I ran into a challenge. I had done  a practice run the previous day, everything worked perfectly. The next morning I tested again, all perfect both on the facebook page and here on the live page. Come the tome to start the showing  the sound went belly up. Ustream malfunctioned and echoed. I abandoned this plan. I am now making some videos to show you the scarves and how to tie them in different ways.  So two signs in one day!

On Friday my energy levels were very low, I had a slight fever and I found myself sleeping away a large part of the weekend. I am doing a couple of hours  work each day on healing and I now understand that while healing my body there is energy involved and I must listen, rest and be patient. I also had another message that maybe was a sign to BE STILL.  Those of you who have signed up to Your Weekly Heart Whisper know that was my message for the week.

Today my wrist almost good as new and I have no side effects from the hip. I felt very blessed.  I am pacing myself and know that in being patient and still acceptance flows,

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” ~Saint Augustine

Are you a model of patience?

With gratitude, love and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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Suzie Cheel is the author of the forthcoming book "Lucky to Be Alive​: My Dialysis Moment: How I Learned the Healing Power of Self-Love." An intuitive artist, the Love You Now coach, Certified LOA Facilitator, Vision Board coach, inspirational speaker and healer. Suzie has a gift for showing people how to cut through their disempowering mind chatter and listen to the whispers of their heart, where true wisdom is found. Suzie's passion is helping you connect to the loving messages inside so you can truly Love YOU and she does this through her art which empowers through love and creates change, her words and her coaching. http://suziecheel.com Connect with Suzie on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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    Yes, I have taken many spills and I believe that the message was always to slow down. I too have a very independent streak and not until I could ask for help and accept did my pattern of getting hurt subside. I listen when my body says you are tired! And I stay home, I call it hibernating to get restored. I also know that going out too much to events is not conducive to my being at times.

    It’s all a journey. Glad you are taking heed, be good to yourself, love yourself. Namaste

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Julieanne Case last inspiring article.Another Present Moment InsightMy Profile

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      Hi Julieanne,
      Welcome to Inspiration from the Heart- we nave a similar message :)
      I get about going out to events etc- I know while i continue to heal that my body tells me when I have overdone it. Yes it is all a journey and one where we continue to grow and I love it
      Suzie Cheel last inspiring article.Have You Celebrated Your Break Throughs For October?My Profile

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    This post comes at an excellent time for me–I have a cold settling in, but it is quite minor at present, and I have SO much to do, and and and… You can see where this will take me. I am glad your wrist and hip are o.k. and that the fall could be part of the message rather than a whole new story. When I don’t take time to be still and listen, I will always get a new message, a louder one, a more insistent one, and – if necessary – a more painful one. I’m going to listen to the message you offer, and give myself a chance!
    Judy Stone-Goldman last inspiring article.No Posts Were Found!My Profile

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      Hi Judy,
      Welcome and it makes my heart sing to read you are going to listen to your heart and give yourself a chance- you deserve to be kind to you and that is what we do when we follow out heart and not our head. The cold is just your body telling you that you must rest. We have to learn to BE more :)
      Suzie Cheel last inspiring article.Have You Celebrated Your Break Throughs For October?My Profile

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    Lovely article Suzie. I must admit I’m not really consistent when it comes to patience. It seems I have a wealth of patience when it comes to learning new skills, writing and coaching people who are putting in the effort. On the otherhand, I run a short fuse with whiners, needy people and long lines in grocery stores.
    marquita herald last inspiring article.Magic for Both Sides of Your BrainMy Profile

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      Hi Marty,
      Well it took me to have some near death experiences to develop the patience I have today. There maybe much better ways to achieve this. :) I know that short fuse so well and it is sometimes like there is another person inside of me totally surprised when i calmly approach a situation that in the past would have we blowing my top. I think more meditation helps me too
      Suzie Cheel last inspiring article.Have You Celebrated Your Break Throughs For October?My Profile

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    Suzie, bot did this post hit home with me. I am terrible at being still. My husband says I even move in my sleep. I sometimes feel enslaved to my to-do list (but I’m a Virgo, so we’re kind of built this way). You remind me that i need to have a “No To-Do List” Day.
    Kimba last inspiring article.A Bend in the RoadMy Profile

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      Yes we do and right now i need to do more of and i have realised after yours and Sandra’s comments that I need to be kinder, more gentle. Thanks for raising my spirits- I love this Thank you for all the beautiful energy you’re putting out into the world, xxoo
      Suzie Cheel last inspiring article.Falls In The Night, Patience And Getting To StillnessMy Profile

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    Beautiful wisdom, Susie. No, patience is not my forte by any means. Calling upon patience and stillness feels like swimming upstream, sometimes, in this speedy society. I hear you and want to hear “me” too. Thank you!
    Sandra / Always Well Within last inspiring article.Words In Focus: OctoberMy Profile