Does Your Blog Branding Give You Full Scope For Your Uniqueness?

It is your uniqueness that allows you to be the change – Suzie Cheel (Click To Tweet) My preoccupation earlier this week has been with my new header. SuzieCheel site is being given a renovation, both inside and out. Some of the coding is sick and the “Plugin Queen ( addict)” needed reigning in. I did […]

Being Strong Is A Choice We Make

Being Strong Means To See Yourself In The Most Favorable Light You Can Imagine.  Each morning before I meditate I draw an oracle card. This morning I used Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Deck and drew Sekhmet The Egyptian  goddess whose message is to be strong. The message on the card reads you are stronger than […]

Have You Shared Your Soul Story With The World?


Sharing My Soul Story: Today I am honoured that my soul story has been shared on Soul Speak by Jodi Chapman. “Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.” ― Thérèse de Lisieux: Story of a Soul, Chapter VIII  So what is a Soul Story? Jodi says: It’s that moment in your life when you realized […]

Do You Open Yourself To Love?


Is Your Love Expansive? Today Valentine’s Day is very much about romantic love  between couples. Love is bigger than this. The love between couples will be more fulfilling when it is expansive, when it embraces the love of yourself and others. Today on Suzie TV  I share a practise Des and I use each day that […]

Do You Love You?


Loving you is the closest thing there is to heaven.~ Author Unknown Do You really really LOVE You? Can you look in the mirror and joyfully say : “I LOVE YOU. I REALLY LOVE YOU” How often do you look in the mirror and say I love you? Once a day? Maybe more? Or never? […]

How To Shift Your Disempowering Mind Chatter


 Do You Beat Up On You Or Celebrate Your Wins No Matter How Small They Are? Today is January 31st and today I have my Monthly Planning Review Party with some other members of The Amazing Bix and Life Academy. It was time to review our Create Your Amazing Year Planners for January and plan for […]