A Simple Way To  Allow  Abundance To Flow

A Simple Way To Allow Abundance To Flow


Would you like to have more abundance flowing into all areas of your life?

YES! I hear you answer 🙂

I know I am always looking for different ways to allow my life to flow into a bigger river of abundance. When I more abundance flowing I can make a bigger difference to my life and the world. For more years than I remember I have wanted to make the world a better place and now seems more important a time than any for creating more love and peace.

I am also aware how easy it is to block my own abundance and stop the flow, without often being conscious of doing so!

So where do we start. I always start with gratitude and the quotes I first wrote many years ago:

7 Uplifting Inspirations.002

When you start you day in gratitude you then start to be more aware of the abundance you are surrounded with, is what i find works for me.

Recently I noticed that this is not the same for many other people.

Each morning I walk on the beach and I am immediately open to the abundance that I am greeted with:

  • the rising sun
  • the color of the water and the sky
  • the patterns that the cloud make in the sky
  • the changing patterns of the sand
  • the white of the waves

and so much more.

As I walk I see people pass me by with their heads down,, their eyes focussed on the square foot of sand that is immediately in front of them. They are not taking in the  the beauty of their surroundings. The abundance of nature in all it’s richness. We can all do that in some ways.

We get worried about what we lack, what we don’t have and that takes out attention away from the abundance we already have. That includes just being alive!

7 Uplifting Inspirations to Attract Abundance Now!


So you can tap into your abundance and allow more to flow I have made a movie with a PDF and some other goodies  so you can be reminded each day of the abundance you do have and ways to attract more. Here is the link to get it:

One subscriber has said:

I love it, Suzie, I can watch it every day! The affirmations are great, concise and well chosen. The uplifting music really adds to the experience. Thanks for such precious gift!

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7 Uplifting Inspirations

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love and abundance always


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My 3 Words for 2016

My 3 Words for 2016


Why 3 Words?

The last few years I have chosen 1 word for the year

Last year it was trust

In 2014 it was courage

in 2013 it was abundance

In 2012 I started a series word of the week that was a great idea that i might revive one day

This year I thought my word was going to be BOLD and I had been drawing the Bold card from my Heart Whisper Daily Guidance oracle cards. that felt good and something I had a knowing that to make sure I stepped out of my comfort zone and took some risks, I would need to make some changes.


I then started working on my plan for 2016 using Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life and Biz planners that comes with my Academy membership. The word focus then whispered to me and it was one of the cards  that has come up several times too, so when I wrote about my 12 month oracle card reading several weeks ago I said my words for 2016 were bold focus.

Last week walking on the beach I was feeling full of life, in vibrant health and the word Dynamic popped up and I said to Des wow that feels brilliant I think this year I will have 3 words for 2016.

I then recalled that each year Chris Brogan chooses 3 words that guide his year. He explains how each word will guide his actions and choices in 2016.

Mike Vardy from Productivityist also chooses 3 words with the same letter this year H, as his guiding principles.

How will my 3 words guide me in 2016?


When I looked up dynamic I knew why I the word had chosen me:

  1. First the adjective: (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. and (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.
  2. The noun:a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

Both of these resonated for me.

I saw yesterday an image on Facebook that said February is the new January wow I thought, that is what it feels like for me. I am just getting into the year and embracing some exciting changes that I am making to my business that will make both my be more dynamic, see my business as a dynamic engine of love, creativity and abundance for all.


  1. (of a person) action, or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.
  2. (of a colour, design, or shape) having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

These words all resonated with what I knew I had to do to live 2016 in the way I have visioned. Yesterday I read on J.D. Meier article that  2016 is the year of the bold.  Individuals and organizations are going for big, bold, goals.


  1. Noun: the centre of interest or activity
  2. Verb: pay particular attention to. 

focus for 2016

Yes for me focus is so important: Follow  One Path Until Success. It is for me about completion of one path before shifting onto another

Ir is about believing that what i have set out to do is the way, no more shiny bullets, this is about trusting my and following my heart whispers in a dynamic bold manner.

The  simple. plan for this is beginning to come into view especially  as I step into week 4 of my own I Am Enough challenge. It is a powerful practice.I am seeing clear shifts and the other Heart Whispers that are taking part are moving forward powerfully too. You can still join the 7 day I Am Enough challenge here.

What word or words did you choose for 2016? 

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 

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Feel The Art In Your Heart

Feel The Art In Your Heart

Heart Whisper 267

“Don’t try to present your art by making other people read or hear or see or touch it; make them feel it. Wear your art like your heart on your sleeve and keep it alive by making people feel a little better. Feel a little lighter. Create art in order for yourself to become yourself and let your very existence be your song, your poem, your story.
Let your very identity be your book.
Let the way people say your name sound like the sweetest melody.”~ Charlotte Eriksson

What Does Your Heart Whisper When You Look Into This Painting?

When I read the verse above I smiled and thought of my new tagline: Art that opens your heart.

When I share my daily heart whisper painting on The Heart Whisper Circle each night  I go to sleep looking forward to reading the next morning what, the day’s Heart Whisper painting has whispered to others.

The words that whispered to me after I painter Heart Whisper 267  were: I follow one path and abundance flows.  I have made this the prosperity card i the upcoming Heart Whisper oracle card deck.

The whispers of their hearts the members of the Heart Whisper Circle:
Kim : Rock n roll time again! My heart whispers, “Follow the Stairway To Heaven,” The hearts looked to be ascending into the beautiful blue sky & I was was humming Led Zeppelin!
Jean : Yes, ascending hearts!
Meredith  This say to me: Our many loves are stepping stones in life. The path to find love or to do what you love may be an uphill battle so don’t forget to pause, breathe deeply, and take in the beauty along the way

Then I asked the question on my Facebook page

What does your heart whisper when you look into this painting?

The responses from the Monday facebook question were wide and varied which is reaffirms the  statement from Charlotte Erikkson’s words.

Stacy Smith: It says “I want to be lying in the green grass looking up at the sky…please  take me there” Gorgeous painting.

Cari Taylor: I AM the greatest expression of life! (thats love talking )

Barb Parcells: Greet the day with a happy heart.

Jen Flick: LOVE will always lift you

Rachel Kieffer: Highway to heaven, on earth.

Peggy Nolan: Let’s have a picnic

Nadia Shana Krauss: It just opened wide ….and went aaaaaah! heart emoticon My body felt very spacious and relaxed.

Kelley Grimes: That there are so many ripple effects when we are loving and compassionate!

Then there was: Follow love…..  journeying,  Ascension…., Butterflies,  Dance!   Seasons,  Fresh air and Love

Some people see and feel similar things , others hearts whisper something that another cannot feel or see.

 The magic of life. What makes us all so special.

This is how I see my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards being used  daily. The purpose of the cards is to provide you with a way to learn to listen more closely to the whispers of your heart, where your true wisdom lies.

 My patience is being tested at the moment as I am waiting on prices and shipping costs from the printer. The cards are at the printer in the USA and I am exploring 2 other options. Once I have prices I will let you know.

What Does Your Heart Whisper When You Look Into This Painting?

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Red Bubble products

This is what how I see my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards being used  daily.  My patience is being tested at the moment as I am waiting on prices and shipping costs from the printer. The cards are at the printer in the USA and I am exploring 2 other options. Once I have prices II will let you know.

What Does Your Heart Whisper When You Look Into This Painting?

all my love
suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥


How To Attract Abundance With The New Moon

How To Attract Abundance With The New Moon


Ways We Can Use The New Moon To Manifest Our Desires

This week I have been noticing some of my colleagues talking about this Leo New Moon and how the next 13 months was going to herald shifts in energy and create transformation. As well a very special time for manifesting, stepping up and shining. I went and read at Astro style what it had to say about Capricorn and it resonated fully:

Capricorn: Come out of hibernation and get back to the land of the living! Jupiter exits your intense and private eighth house, moving into your global and outgoing ninth house. Whew! You’re ready to engage with the wider world again. During this high-minded, adventurous cycle, you may travel, return to school, publish your work or launch an entrepreneurial startup. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the ninth house, so get ready for an enthusiastic and optimistic fresh start. Read yours here

Mind you I do not understand all the Astrology lingo but I do know it is time for me to share, star and shine.   The sun even had a message for me yesterday. Yesterday I took this photo at the beach, shared it on Instagram and wrote these words.:sun-star

It’s time to star and shine. How will you star and shine today? Listen to the whispers of your heart and follow them.

My friend Shirley replied : My question each time I rise. So glad you’ve posed it to each of us, Suzie!

I wonder if the moon will have a message for me tomorrow?

The  new moon is a time for renewal, setting goals or intentions, a time of cleansing, releasing and new beginnings.  Time to step up, and shine.

I kept getting the nudge to create a Heart Whisper  new moon ritual l so I decided to update and expand on the new moon blog post I wrote back in 2013.

Firstly let’s look at the qualities of Leo:

Leo rules our heart so this seems just perfect to develop some Heart Whisper Rituals to manifest abundance with this new moon. Leo also asks us to take action. There will be focus on love,  creativity, self-worth as well as prosperity and abundance

Let’s get started:  What you will need

  • An open mind 🙂
  • A journal and pens
  • A crystal of your choice ( I am choosing citrine)
  • A coin
  • A candle
  • Optional- an attraction box- this can be any box that maybe makes you smile. You might like to make a vision board instead
  • Music and or use your self-love meditation from the heart whisper circle to make sure you have your positive vibes on when you start.

Setting Your Intentions:

Create your list on the day of the New Moon and place your list on your altar, in your attraction box or in a private place. Review your list each morning and evening to keep your intentions conscious, It is best to list at least 2 intentions-no more than 10 ( maybe 6 is enough), any more can dilute the energy and set you up for overwhelm.

PS: Remember the abundance can be in any area of you life. It might be giving yourself the time each day to be creative,go for a walk,  you might want to attract more abundant health, it’s not just about money and things, it’s about how you feel.

New Moon Heart Whisper Abundance Cheque/Check:


You can download your blank  $ one here and for the Happiness Gardeners, here is yours in pounds

  • Within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a check and where it says “Pay to,” write your name.
  • In the $ box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write “Paid in full.”
  • On the line underneath your name, where you would write out a dollar amount, write “Paid in full.”
  • Sign the check with Law of Abundance
  • Place the check on your altar, in your attraction box or maybe where you can see it when you are working

 New Moon Meditation:

On the night of the new moon I go outside and light a candle, take my list of intentions and visualize my intentions.  I am open to any messages or feelings that I receive. Then I might then journal before I go to sleep.

Other ideas:

  • Make a vision board or box of your intentions.
  • Put your coin in a special place or in your purse or wallet
  • Use your crystal to give thanks daily for the abundance that you see coming into your life.
  • Print out more than one check and keep one in your purse.


Please share if you have any special rituals you do for manifesting on  the new moon?

NEW MOON IN LEO: AUGUST 14/15    LA – Friday at 07.53am PST, NEW YORK – Friday at 10.53am, LONDON – Friday at 15.53pm Australia EST– Saturday at 00.53, New Zealand – Saturday at 03.53

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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How To Expand Into Abundance

How To Expand Into Abundance


Drawing a line in the sand to expand your abundance flow.

We block our abundance from flowing into our lives by the words we speak and the thoughts we think. Then the actions we take based on those words and thoughts. It can be a downward spiral!
I was conscious that yesterday I had put myself in a downward spiral that definitely had me sending out some negative vibes.  Monday’s activities seem to have become Tuesday’s! Monday Manifesting has become Tuesday Manifesting for me 🙂

Amazing today everything that sent me spiralling downwards is flowing and I know being in the abundance of the beach, letting those ions onto my skin as I braved the winter sea- the water temperature has dropped below 20C ( 66 F). I felt abundant and alive as I swam. I know when I follow my regular morning what I call a spiritual practice of meditation,ACIM, journaling, morning pages followed by a beach walk my vibes are high. I am getting much more disciplined about not opening my computer first thing or checking facebook on my mobile. 🙂

When we are in lack and we use the words  I can’t ……, I am not …….., Don’t……… (You fill in the blanks) we are attracting negative thoughts into our vibrational bubble

When we can see that abundance surrounds us daily we raise our vibes and think positive thoughts.
This is a video I made earlier this year on Drawing a Line In the Sand to Expand into Abundance (Length 1.45min)

Today is a great day to say I expand in ABUNDANCE every day as I inspire others to do the same.

Let’s all expand in abundance today so we can inspire others to do the same.

Sometimes we need to draw a line in the sand to let lack release and allow the abundance to expand and flow.

lack-to abundance

How have you attracted abundance into your life today?

I asked the same question yesterday on my Facebook Page and these are a few of the responses

Nadia: I have attracted abundance today by allowing myself to cherish what I do have while focusing on what I desire more of

Minette: Love your painting! I am enjoying a day that is abundant with time to play, to create, to relax and to work a little. It feels easy and expansive!

NatashaIt’s all in the mind and what one puts out. I found myself with half of my typical income and as I searched for assistance the universe said nope. Then things began to open up and I like that so much more!

Colleen:I set the intention every morning that what I need will show up for me. I know that I choose to live an abundant life and that the Universe will respond to my desires as long as I am faithful to that belief.

Debra: begin with knowing that I’m abundant when I wake up in the morning and this mantra sets the tone for my day. Abundance comes in many forms time, space, love, joy and finances…all in divine timing.

Kelley: By being open hearted and loving! It is amazing how much love, joy and abundance are attracted in my life as a result!

Laura: First thing I do is my morning manifestation ritual. One of the things I do is a mudra for this!!!!! (Movement of Intention)

I would love to read how you have attracted abundance into your life today, please share in the comments below.

This month it is Abundant August over at my friend, Heather Bestel’s Happiness Garden and I am a special guest. It is a wonderful  supportive group, so come and join us.

Abundant August

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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