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Taking You from Stuck to Stardom

Are You Ready for Change?

Have you had enough of:

☑ making do

☑ putting up with

☑ getting by

☑ tolerating

☑ hoping

☑ wishing

feeling stuck

● Are you ready to take action to transform your life? ● Do you recognize this as a time to re-invent yourself, to step into your power? ● Time to come out of hiding and share your gifts with the world? And yet…. And yet right now you are not quite there.

● You keep striking obstacles and setbacks. So frustrating! It’s okay – I have been there: I understand and I am ready to support you. I want to help you go from your present “stuck” to the stardom you deserve.

● Because I love helping people who have had enough of tolerating and just getting by and are ready for abundance in all areas of their lives.

● When you make a commitment to the Law of Empowerment process, I make a commitment to work with you, as an individual, with your own challenges, your own dreams, helping you discover or re-discover your passion, define your unique gift and purpose, and move forward decisively, unstoppably, on your journey to freedom.

Empowerment Coaching: One on One Sessions


Single Sessions



Get Clarity

  • Need clarity on an area of your life or business?
  • In one session learn what you do want in your life.
Need to get Clarity?
 The 60 min Juice session is for you.
Skype/Phone.  $150.





Get Juiced

  • Are you doing daily what makes you heart sing?
  • Have you discovered your empowerment needs?
  • learn how to make your own Empowerment Mandala

Need to get your heart singing?
 The 60 min Juice session is for you.
Skype/Phone.  $150.






Attracting Abundance – the Basics

This is where you get:

  • clarity about what you really want in your life
  • learn a simple but highly effective process to attract the best to you.

I take you through my simple but powerful, three step process developed by my mentor

Michael Losier, the “Law of Attraction Go To Guy”.



Love of Allowing

Have you already worked on:

  • identifying the things you don’t want to tolerate any longer
  • taken some practical steps on your way to being able to embrace the freedom you were born to enjoy

To really get the power of this idea, the Love of Allowing, we have to recognize that it asks us to think differently from the way most people think. We have to get over the idea that good things only come to those who struggle. Then The Love of Allowing program is for you


Change Warrior

  • Are you committed to creating change in your own life and in the world, but don’t feel you are having the impact you could?
  • Have you done a stack of courses, read the books, made a vision board, developed practices to help you apply the Law of Attraction,
  • Have you worked on being the change you want to see in the world – but feel you still have not quite stepped into your power?

In other words, are you a change warrior in hiding?

I designed the Change Warrior program for you.