Discover Your True Passion: Listen To The Whispers Of Your Heart

Discover Your True Passion: Listen To The Whispers Of Your Heart

Passion-oracle card

Are you following your passion?

I mean really, really following your passion. not what you feel you should be doing, or what your colleagues, coach or mentor tells you, you are good at.

What really makes you come alive?

What makes your heart sing?

Gets you up with joy in your heart each morning. Creating ripples of change

But there is a challenge when you are a multi passionate/multi talented person.
I thought my challenges in this area were a thing of the past and I had settled on my my business direction.
 I had done the rebranding, . I have the programs in place. I had worked over my website, practised my elevator pitch.
  Although in March of this year I wrote about the process of change:
Well I thought I was finished with all of that, I had done the rebranding- well not quite finished…….. I have the programs in place for the focus I had pivoted to of Abundance, I think I even promised no more changes.

I knew there was something missing

 I made the shift to having more of a single focus on Abundance. That meant less attention to my Heart Whisper work and my art.

Well come Wednesday morning this week!

Time for my morning ritual that involves drawing one go my Heart Whisper Cards and out came FLOW!
Heart Whisper Flow

Immediately I heard the whisper :

Well you are not in the flow! So it is time for you to get in the flow of love, of gratitude, of creativity and of abundance.
I was feeling very uncomfortable, Des asked was I okay and I said no, I was close to tears.
We headed to the beach, my happy healing place where I solve many challenges with my beach coach by my side.
I then burst into tears and Des comforted me. He has a soul of patience as he has lived through all these changes this year not to mention the years he had to care for me as I healed.
As I broke down I said : :
 I just want to finish my book and share my art with the world. We then talked about what this really meant, for the first time I didn’t care what others thought. believe it a big issue for me.
I knew I had made a breakthrough. A real Shift
There were niggling thoughts of money spent, all that time. But, I saw none of it was wasted. I would still be using my abundance tools but in a different way.
I left the beach feeling  lighter but still quite emotional, there was the letting go process still to come.

This was my beach breakthrough!

Later I sat down wrote out a new mission:
MY MISSION : is to teach people to learn to listen to the Whispers of their Heart and inspire them to create ripples of change that then brings more love to themselves, their lives and the world.
My Mission ( not set in stone as I move through this change )  that has come from my what I call is
MY AWAKENING (my dialysis moment):It’s all about love Suzie. You will be healed when you see and feel only love for you first, then you will be all that you have to love and to give. When it is totally anchored in inner peace and that feeling of pure joy that allows the awakening that is already you to emerge. That’s the inspiration, that’s the ripple effect. ~ Suzie 27/7/11
and MY VISION: My biggest dream is to complete my book, Lucky To Be Alive, be speaking to thousands, make that millions online and around the world, with my Heart Whisper Paintings as my backdrop.
Sharing my story of saving my life through really learning to love myself and showing others how to do the same through listening to the whispers of their heart and living their heart’s desire.
This will create ripples of change and bring more love and more peace to the world.  I shared this  with  Jenn Scalia  in the 5 day #unleashtheleader challenge that is really helping me move step up into my purpose. The Global Heart Whisper Movement is now at my forefront.
All of these messages came from listening to the whispers of my heart. So when today I drew the Passion card the words  that I wrote at the beginning of the post flowed into my journal and I knew I had come home.
I could feel the lightness in my step and in my heart.
This was supported by a comment on my blog on Thursday morning.
Oh Suzie! What a breath of spring you are! LOVE the art, the words, the essence of all you do. Shine on, brilliant one. You have found your calling ~ Jan Deelstra
I became aware that my heart knew before I did as this comment was on last weeks blog post 😃  

The Week’s Simple Meditation

This week I have a new mediation with a new way to calm your mind and then I share a way to tap into your passion.

Heart whisper meditation 3

by Suzie Cheel | Heart whisper meditation

I would love to hear from you in the comments on whether you found that helped you with your meditation.  Did you hear your heart whisper? 

Don’t forget to join the Heart Whisperers

All my love
Suziesig1Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥
This is part of the The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Series:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six Part 7

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥MoreCOLOR ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥  AND TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE.  ♥Get you own set of Heart Whisper Oracle cards here or a reading here


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You are so beautiful Suzie and I love coming to your blog. It lifts me up and refreshes me each time. Your art and inspiring words always touch me. Today’s in particular was moving for me I am on that journey of complete self-acceptance and self-love.

Minnette Riordan

Thank you for your burst of joy in my mailbox. I give thanks for your posts that always brighten my heart

Tanya Levy

Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

Elle Sommer

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When You Be Love Your Life Changes

When You Be Love Your Life Changes


Our soul purpose is to be and express love. We dream of love, we yearn for love, and we make love, but rarely do we realize that we are love-Debra Reble

How Loving Yourself Can Change the World

Today’s post is a guest post from my good friend Dr. Debra Reble, whose book Being Love launches today.  You know love is one of my favourite topics and something I had to learn to heal my life. I highly recommend Debra’s book both because it will open your heart, gives you practical ways to love you more so you can go out and create those ripples of change that touch another and change the world.

By loving yourself wholeheartedly, you can change the world. You become a conduit for love when you fully embrace and express your true nature—which is, and has always been, love. The more you love yourself, the more you eliminate negativity, connect compassionately with others, and become ambassadors of love in the world.

Like dropping a pebble into a pond, loving yourself creates an energetic vibration that radiates outward from your heart center and shifts everyone and everything in its path. When you emanate the highest frequency of love, you not only receive the benefits of the high vibration, but also raise the vibration of others around you. People emitting lower frequencies will rise to the occasion when in your presence by matching that higher frequency.

When you sustain self-love and compassion by being kind, nonjudgmental, and nonreactive—especially when you struggle, make mistakes, or feel unworthy—you are more likely to behave this way toward others. Such positive behavior generates universal love, inner peace, and spiritual attunement with everyone and everything.

This ripple of love begins by accepting all parts of yourself without reservation, no matter how you feel about them. If you are unwilling to do this for yourself, you cannot expect others to do it for you, and you certainly cannot do it for others.

You can wake up in the morning loving yourself, even when faced with the most challenging situations or when you feel tired or uninspired. Focus on the aspects of yourself you love rather than on those you dislike. Just imagine how one moment of self-compassion can change your entire day, and now consider how such moments, repeated over and over, could change your life and the lives of others.

Another way to foster self-love and change our world is by eliminating all of the violent thoughts, words, and actions we inflict upon ourselves. Many of us move through our days berating, shaming, and terrorizing ourselves with our thoughts in ways we would never express to anyone we love. Self-love must be the source from which all our thoughts, words, and choices come from and flow into the world. 

Whether it’s a sunny day or a cloudy day, it’s essential you sustain positive thoughts, words, and energy flow. You can pause frequently as you move through any challenging situation so that you remain consciously aware of yourself, your environment, and any reactions that may arise. In this way, you not only soothe your own anger and anxiety, but refrain from doing harm to others through your reaction. In fact, simply by practicing self-love, you can leave whatever space you’re in charged with more positive energy than it contained when you arrived.

We must constantly release anyone or anything that impedes the flow of love within us, and restore peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives. When we harbor resentment, worry excessively, become angry, or feel stressed, we block the flow of energy in our bodies, especially our heart centers, and diminish our ability to express self-love to transform the world.

Begin your day by initiating self-love. Close your eyes, place a hand on the center of your chest, and focus your attention on your heart. Radiate love in the form of gratitude or compassion to yourself and then direct it out from toward others. 

If as many of us as possible harnessed the energy of self-love and shifted our negative thoughts and emotions to positive ones, we would have the greatest transformational power our world ever created. Our hearts emanate a harmonic electromagnetic energy field that  positively impacts all living beings and our environment. It is possible to do this simply through radiating love to ourselves and then out from our hearts, one love beam at a time. Such love beams can shift the energy of all negativity and bring about the highest and best good for all.

When you choose to love, respect, and preciously care for yourself, you set the tone for others to do the same. Practicing at least one act of kindness toward yourself every day can sustain happiness, well-being, and self-love, while giving you more energy to serve others.

When we emanate self-love, we transcend to our highest level of soul potential. We perform better at work, are more creative, are healthier, and impact our world in a positive way. It is time we realize that we are change agents of love. To transform our planet, we must elevate our vibration and seed the environment with droplets of love.By loving ourselves, we can live in harmony with nature, conserve our earth and its inhabitants, and create a universal consciousness of love.

About Dr. Debra L. Reble Author of BEING LOVE

Debra is an Intuitive Psychologist, Ambassador of Love and Bestselling Author. Consciously merging her practical tools as a psychologist with her intuitive and spiritual gifts, Dr. Debra L. Reble empowers women to connect with their hearts and live authentically through her transformational Soul-Hearted LivingTM program.

Being-love- Debra-reble

Order your copy of “Being Love” NOW!

 For a limited time, you’ll receive over 50 transformational gifts when you purchase a copy of Being Love. at

with love and in abundance xx


Get you own set of Heart Whisper Oracle cards here or a reading here 


Join The 7 Day I Am Enough Challenge?

Join The 7 Day I Am Enough Challenge?


The I Am Enough Challenge

2 weeks ago I set myself a 77 day I Am Enough Challenge.  Read about it here

Not being enough is like a disease that keeps us stuck. Our body, mind and spirit hear and feel it when we are not enough.  So I started doing  I am enough daily actions. 
Have I noticed any changes? Yes  

This week a very big shift. I was stuck, I wasn’t moving forward powerfully as I had visioned myself doing. I finally had my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards that were empowering other Heart Whisperers around the world.

Something was amiss.  Des commented every time I picked up my planner it looked like I was carrying a dead weight.


I had a real breakthrough

I realised I was still doing what others were telling me I should do, I wasn’t listening to what I teach and inspire others to do: Listen to the whispers of my heart.

The I am enough practice I started 2 weeks ago is creating shifts for me. The passion for what I do is coming back. Helpful people are showing up and I am excited about the path I am walking.

As I was walking on the beach this week saying I am enough I heard: “Yes you are more than enough”

To help you make a shift that may create a breakthrough like it has for me, I decided to set up a 7 day I am enough challenge. Plus it is fun to share with others.

I will be sharing the tools I am using with you each day, via email and in The Heart Whisper Circle

I dare you to join in and see how 7 days of acknowledging “I am enough”  creates shifts for you.

To join the challenge put your details in the form and watch your email at the weekend to get you prepared to start on Monday and and get a special fun accountability sheet.

I look forward to sharing the magic with all who choose to join the I AM ENOUGH  challenge

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 

I am enough mugDo you know you are enough?

I Am Enough

I Am Enough


Do You Know and Believe You Are Enough?

This week I have been waking up and saying I am enough. I have it written on the mirror in my bathroom to remind me I am Enough and repeat it often during the day. Especially if I am beating up on myself or the inner critic has come out to play,’

When I allow my inner critic to move me from my heart to my head up comes the feelings of

  • not being enough

  • then not being good enough

  • looking outside for confirmation that supports all these negative thoughts and feelings

The list can go on and on………… you know those feelings?

For me they come when I don’t trust the whispers of my heart and start doubting myself. Then I listen to others  and as happened this week I get stuck. Paralysis analysis steps in.  Absolute confirmation for me that FOCUS  is one of my words for 2016.

Why start a daily practice of repeating to yourself I am enough?

Inspired by my friend  The Soul Speaker Anne Aleckson who posted this week about her morning ritual and shared her  I am enough 100 day challenge.

Anne commented that her world was opening up and she as feeling more open to receiving and new opportunities. She shared the video that got her started on the daily practice.

Like Anne I watched it and was impressed and took it on half-heartedly. Then I went back to listen yesterday and I was inspired with the stories of change, often quite dramatic that  came about when one started to use these simple but challenging 3 words. Watch or listen to the talk by Marisa Peer an unusual therapist fascinated by how the mind works.

The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough” by Marisa Peer

 Marisa asks us to repeat:

I am enough

I am enough

I have always been enough

And now I know that I am enough

Everyone else knows it too

I will always be enough

This makes the unfamiliar, familiar.

Do share in the comments if you were inspired to start your own I Am Enough challenge. I am planning to start one in the Heart Whisper Circle, here on the blog and on my facebook page.


The talk is empowering , Marisa is funny and shares stories of inspiration that have come from writing I Am Enough in lipstick on a mirror.

I am enough

Yesterday at the beach I wrote the words I am enough in the sand and then enveloped the words in a big heart.  Believing you are enough boosts your self-esteem and then you look inside, trust and listen to the whispers of your heart. This leads to building your self-love too.


I have made some  products that you can use daily to remind that you are enough. 

I am enough mugDo you know you are enough?

Please share in the comments what you do maybe daily that is allowing you to really believe you are enough.

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 

Listening To The Whispers of Your Heart Brings Compassion

Listening To The Whispers of Your Heart Brings Compassion


Becoming a Guest Blogger

I am delighted to announce that I am a regular guest blogger at the beautiful Zeenat Merchant Zyal’s  very popular and healing blog Positive Provocations. I will be writing there each month.My first post on Positive provocations was on was on Celebrating Abundance  earlier this month

Today my second post  9 Simple Ways To Grow Your Compassionate Self has been published on Positive Provocations  and it shares 9 rituals for you to bring more compassion into your life. The first way is to start by learning to listen to and follow the whispers of your heart. 

To celebrate this new move for me I have made a Heart Whisper painting that you can get on a mug to remind you to be kind to you. When I first shared this painting in the Heart Whisper Circle community one of the comments from Kim: was “that it gave the opportunity for kindness & compassion on this beautiful day”.

be kind

Here is the link to read 9 Simple Ways To Grow Your Compassionate Self and learn to allow the compassion to flow.

all my love

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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Can You See The Perfection That Is You?

Can You See The Perfection That Is You?

Heartt Whisper #28

When Do Your Believe That You Are Perfect In This Moment?

“When we se the perfection that we are, then we see how simple life truly is. Sometimes it is getting to the perfection that we are is the challenge. “ ~ Suzie

The title of today’s blog post and the words of the heart whisper came from last weeks post on Chocolate Slabs and Keeping it Simple. Kat Kanovos said in her comment :

Suzie, you hit the nail right on it’s simple little head when you said life is simple, we keep adding complicated layers to it. Yes we do! We want to perfect perfection because life is perfect in all it’s perfections just like the painting.

and I replied:

Yes when we see the perfection that we are then we see how simple life truly is. Some times it is getting to see the perfection that is us, is the challenge

How do we go about seeing ourself as perfect?

I came up first with a mirror exercise. How many of you do mirror work? Here is a video I made on doing mirror work


I am perfect Suzie, ( insert your name here) absolutely perfect just as I am


This perfection is not the perfection I talked about recently in a post. That’s the perfectionism that stops us and for me keeps me from sharing my gifts with the world and allows for incompletions.  This perfection is about being true to ourself, listening to the whispers of out heart and accepting our magnificence.

It is about letting go of  “bad’ thought about yourself, about not being wrong or not enough- we are always enough and when we truly love,value ourselves and follow our heart, our purpose, our bliss will come forth. Sometime we have to be patient and allow the unfolding to take place. I know for those of us who like to be action gal or guy that can be challenging.

From experience I can tell you it is worth the patience  and taking time to love and really value you. You might be surprised at what you discover.

I hear you say, that’s not so easy Suzie. I know 🙂 Start with the mirror work. Use the image above as a screen saver, write the word out on a post-it. Now you are enough!


Do you see you as perfect?

Thank you for reading  and taking the time to share your thoughts in the comments below. If this post resonates for you please share this article on your favorite social  networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”

I have two spots opening up for Heart Whisper Clarity Coaching. If you are ready to listen and trust your heart whispers and live the life you really want, e-mail me or go here

with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥
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