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100 Days Of Heart Whisper Paintings

100 Days Of Heart Whisper Paintings

What do you do each day that keeps your heart in touch with your creative spirit? I have continued my daily 10-15 minutes of painting each day since I completed my 10 x 10 series back in January. I love it. Usually I do it when I first wake- It is like a morning... read more
Do You Say Yes To You? This Takes Courage!

Do You Say Yes To You? This Takes Courage!

I say yes to love, I say yes to life, I say yes to me and my heart whispers thank you. ~Suzie Saying YES to You Does Take Courage! When we step into being caring for ourselves FIRST we are addressing  the issue of self-love head on.  When we leave our self-care to... read more

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I Say Yes To Me

You are so beautiful Suzie and I love coming to your blog. It lifts me up and refreshes me each time. Your art and inspiring words always touch me. Today’s in particular was moving for me I am on that journey of complete self-acceptance and self-love.

Minnette Riordan

Suzie Cheel is wise, insightful and talented at helping others get clarity on the contents of one’s heart. During my session Suzie came up with a plan that has helped me find direction in a time of transition. I felt her advice was spot on! I highly recommend working with her. She’s simply filled with empathy and love!


Tess Marshall