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Hi, I’m Suzie

I’m the Heart Whisperer and creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards.

I’m a certified Law of Attraction facilitator, intuitive coach, artist, inspirational speaker and author of the upcoming book, Lucky to Be Alive: How I used the Law of Attraction and the Power of Self-Love to Save My Life

I have been an early childhood teacher and college lecturer. I left the security of all that – and the annual holidays! – to create a successful, textile art, multi 5 figure business over 15 years as a textile designer, creator and producer, and marketer, with my own label, Suzie Cheel HandPainted Originals.

Along the way I acquired a Graduate Diploma in Social Communication and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science (Social Ecology).

I also became a blogger and a daily user of social media, engaging with wonderful communities of creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs  and healers around the world.


I Had A Choice…..

But like most people, my life has not been without its challenges.

Five years ago, with no warning, I was stopped in my tracks by a life-threatening illness, in the form of a total kidney collapse.

I had a choice: life, death or dialysis.

I chose life.

Since then I have been able to inspire many people through sharing my story of saving my life through applying the Law of Attraction and learning to really love myself and showing others how to do the same.

I am here to inspire, guide and empower you to meet your own challenges and create the life you truly desire. Read the longer story here


I help you

 Come to know and love your unique and brilliant self, so you can come out of hiding and shine

 Understand that you no longer want or need to be limited by what others think

 Get crystal clear about your life purpose and heart’s desire, so that no one and nothing can stand in your way

 Experience the joy and confidence that comes when you can truly feel and say, “I am enough”

 Break free of the self-doubt and lack of self esteem that for so long have blocked you from being your brilliant self


If you are ready to move forward  click the button to book a consultation and see if we are a match





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