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  • I’m your Clarity coach and Creative spiritual guide,  an intuitive artist whose passion is to inspire through words and imagery.

  • My desire is for everyone I connect with the love that is within and to be open to the possibilities of truly loving themselves and their life.

  • My first career was as an early childhood teacher and later as a college lecturer in that field. I left the security of all that - and the annual holidays! - to launch a business from scratch as a textile designer, creator and producer, with my own label.

  • With my partner and soulmate Des I now live in a beautiful part of the world, on Australia’s Gold Coast, from where the wonders of technology enable us to run our businesses..

  • I‘m a published author and have been blogging since 2006. The online world is very much part of my daily life and some of the best friendships of my life have been made there.

  • I love cooking, walking on the beach, being in contact with nature, and being a creative artist.

  • I am passionate about making a difference in the world and I draw on my own experience of making major changes in my life and careers, dealing with major health and financial challenges along the way, and my own spiritual journey, to help others who share my desire for achieving transformative change in their own lives and in the world.


For you to Love You and Love Your Life, really you first need to make a decision that you want, dare I say CRAVE, a more-fulfilling and satisfying experience than you are having now.

You are probably very tired of feeling that you are not good enough, that don’t have enough time or money,

When your life is full of chaos, indecision and frustration there is no room for Joy, Creativity or Serenity. You spin around in your hamster cage sad and unhappy, knowing there MUST BE A WAY off this always-spinning wheel, but never QUITE able to make the leap to freedom.

When we work together, I show you how to cut through the disempowering mind chatter and to listen the whispers of your heart where your true wisdom is found.

You begin to spread your wings, discover new opportunities and more importantly finally find that elusive inner peace you have always hoped and dreamed of.

How do I know all this?

Well I’m Suzie Cheel and this is my story . . .

I was born and raised in Canberra, the National Capital of Australia, in those days with a population of only about 9,500, an inland city carved out of the bush. We lived in a suburban house with all the usual city comforts, but truly it was a common enough sight to watch the kangaroos grazing on our front lawn in the morning.

I had very loving parents and a wonderful childhood, and loved going to school, although I have to admit that getting hit by a car when I was 16 and being in a coma for a week was not what you would call a high point. My mother often reminded me I was lucky to still be alive.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I suspect that that early near-death experience helped to give me my unquenchable zest for life, a passion for creativity and a love of change.

Not just change for its own sake, but change for the better, both in my own life and in ways that I can make the world a better place and the people I interact with more fulfilled and happy.

My first career was as an early childhood teacher, (Kindergarten} and I taught in Australia, England and even in Lagos, Nigeria where I was the governess for the children of the Australian Ambassador.

Later I became a college lecturer, teaching future early childcare workers.

Then I made my first big career change, leaving the security of my safe, government-funded college position, and pursuing my dream of being a full-time artist. Becoming an artist was all the more surprising for someone who had been told at the age of twelve that she couldn’t draw!

At that time I also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Communication.

I set up my own textile design and production business, Suzie Cheel Handpainted Originals, and over the next 14 years built that into a successful business, winning various arts awards in the process. For ten of those years I also wrote a regular column in Textile Magazine: Making a Living in the Textile Arts.

Ever wanting to continue to grow and learn, I completed a Masters degree in Applied Science at the University of Western Sydney, with a specialisation in Social Ecology. My thesis for that degree was about the creation of online communities (in the days right before the Web burst on the scene!).

In 2004, with my life partner and soulmate Des Walsh, I left the city and moved to the Gold Coast, a long day’s drive north of Sydney, Australia. We live on an island in the Tweed River, in a complex with many trees and morning and evening bird choruses. Most days we walk on one of the beautiful beaches only five minutes away - and for most of the year we swim in the ocean.

Each day I can feed my soul through being in touch with nature and especially the ever-evolving sea.

A year or so before we left Sydney, Des discovered blogging for business and although I at first I resisted, eventually I began blogging in 2006 and then, after attending the first two BlogWorld Expos in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007 and 2008 and meeting amazing people in the process, I got more and more “into” blogging, which expanded into Twitter, Facebook and the rest. I love my online communities and have made many wonderful friendships through engaging with various forms of social media.

While life was seemingly swimming along just fine, suddenly, without any prior warning,
2 years ago in mid 2011, I was rushed to the emergency ward and hospitalised with a total kidney failure! Talk about a transformative life event!

My life was completely altered (for the better) from that moment forward and continues today! I learned to be patient, listen to my heart whispers and be truly grateful. And most of all I have learned about self-love and compassion. You see, my body was now my ultimate Professor and whenever I decided to speed my recovery along, or be less than kind to myself, my body showed me clearly that was NOT the path to pleasure.

While doing my very best to honor my recovery, I was presented with a few extra challenges including broken humerus in my right arm, followed by crush fractures in my back and some other side affects from the heavy duty steroids for my kidney recovery. All of which were the Universe’s way of encouraging me to be even kinder, even more compassionate and even more patient! NOT things I used to be particularly good at!

Fortunately, as I write I am so blessed and very grateful for my 100% kidney recovery.

Two near-death experiences in my life and still going strong!

I am now working on my book about that experience and the healing processes that are creating this healthy life in body, mind and spirit. The working title for the book is “Lucky to be Alive”– a Handbook for Self-Healing. With gratitude to my mother for her words of prophesy so many years ago!
As part of my healing I am living an alkaline lifestyle, so that has meant a lot of experimentation with different dishes and recipes to maintain my alkaline levels. Since one of my favorite hobbies is cooking, (more in the Jamie Oliver style of “tossing in a bit of this or that” rather than following a recipe rigorously and following precise measurements); I now have a whole new repertoire of high-alkaline recipes, some of which will be shared in the new book.

And as I continue to become stronger each day, I am developing new coaching programs and products, bringing together a wealth of material from the many courses I have done and from my life experiences, with all of the challenges and also the lovely successes.

The Master Key to all of the programs and products I create is the development of a high level of self-esteem. Indeed it is a crucial element in creating a rich on every level life and so the theme of the programs is Love You, Love Your Life.

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