My 3 Words for 2016


Why 3 Words?

The last few years I have chosen 1 word for the year

Last year it was trust

In 2014 it was courage

in 2013 it was abundance

In 2012 I started a series word of the week that was a great idea that i might revive one day

This year I thought my word was going to be BOLD and I had been drawing the Bold card from my Heart Whisper Daily Guidance oracle cards. that felt good and something I had a knowing that to make sure I stepped out of my comfort zone and took some risks, I would need to make some changes.


I then started working on my plan for 2016 using Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life and Biz planners that comes with my Academy membership. The word focus then whispered to me and it was one of the cards  that has come up several times too, so when I wrote about my 12 month oracle card reading several weeks ago I said my words for 2016 were bold focus.

Last week walking on the beach I was feeling full of life, in vibrant health and the word Dynamic popped up and I said to Des wow that feels brilliant I think this year I will have 3 words for 2016.

I then recalled that each year Chris Brogan chooses 3 words that guide his year. He explains how each word will guide his actions and choices in 2016.

Mike Vardy from Productivityist also chooses 3 words with the same letter this year H, as his guiding principles.

How will my 3 words guide me in 2016?


When I looked up dynamic I knew why I the word had chosen me:

  1. First the adjective: (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. and (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.
  2. The noun:a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

Both of these resonated for me.

I saw yesterday an image on Facebook that said February is the new January wow I thought, that is what it feels like for me. I am just getting into the year and embracing some exciting changes that I am making to my business that will make both my be more dynamic, see my business as a dynamic engine of love, creativity and abundance for all.


  1. (of a person) action, or idea) showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous.
  2. (of a colour, design, or shape) having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

These words all resonated with what I knew I had to do to live 2016 in the way I have visioned. Yesterday I read on J.D. Meier article that  2016 is the year of the bold.  Individuals and organizations are going for big, bold, goals.


  1. Noun: the centre of interest or activity
  2. Verb: pay particular attention to. 

focus for 2016

Yes for me focus is so important: Follow  One Path Until Success. It is for me about completion of one path before shifting onto another

Ir is about believing that what i have set out to do is the way, no more shiny bullets, this is about trusting my and following my heart whispers in a dynamic bold manner.

The  simple. plan for this is beginning to come into view especially  as I step into week 4 of my own I Am Enough challenge. It is a powerful practice.I am seeing clear shifts and the other Heart Whispers that are taking part are moving forward powerfully too. You can still join the 7 day I Am Enough challenge here.

What word or words did you choose for 2016? 

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 

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Join The 7 Day I Am Enough Challenge?


The I Am Enough Challenge

2 weeks ago I set myself a 77 day I Am Enough Challenge.  Read about it here

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Not being enough is like a disease that keeps us stuck. Our body, mind and spirit hear and feel it when we are not enough.  So I started doing  I am enough daily actions. 
Have I noticed any changes? Yes  

This week a very big shift. I was stuck, I wasn’t moving forward powerfully as I had visioned myself doing. I finally had my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards that were empowering other Heart Whisperers around the world.

Something was amiss.  Des commented every time I picked up my planner it looked like I was carrying a dead weight.


I had a real breakthrough

I realised I was still doing what others were telling me I should do, I wasn’t listening to what I teach and inspire others to do: Listen to the whispers of my heart.

The I am enough practice I started 2 weeks ago is creating shifts for me. The passion for what I do is coming back. Helpful people are showing up and I am excited about the path I am walking.

As I was walking on the beach this week saying I am enough I heard: “Yes you are more than enough”

To help you make a shift that may create a breakthrough like it has for me, I decided to set up a 7 day I am enough challenge. Plus it is fun to share with others.

I will be sharing the tools I am using with you each day, via email and in The Heart Whisper Circle

I dare you to join in and see how 7 days of acknowledging “I am enough”  creates shifts for you.

To join the challenge put your details in the form and watch your email at the weekend to get you prepared to start on Monday and and get a special fun accountability sheet.

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I look forward to sharing the magic with all who choose to join the I AM ENOUGH  challenge

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 

I am enough mugDo you know you are enough?

How To Do A 12 Month Oracle Card Reading


Using The Heart Whisper Oracle Cards For My 2016 Reading.

Last Saturday it was raining and I treated myself to some self care and had breakfast in bed. Yummy mango and passionfruit followed by chia, quinoa, macca with organic homemade coconut yoghurt. Such a treat


Then I decided to get out my 2016 planner and start some serious planning for the year, something I have been avoiding. I know I must take some action here as my whispers keep telling me this is not a year for winging it. :)

I decided to do my annual oracle card reading first. This is an exercise in Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life and Biz Planners.


I have been surprised in the past when I look back how accurate my readings have been. I admit that some months have gone by where I haven’t checked in. This year each one is in my Shining Biz and Life diary to remind me at the start and finish of each month

How to do your own oracle card reading.

  • Choose a deck of cards, naturally this year I am using my own Heart Whisper Oracle Cards.  In the past I have used either Doreen Virtue, Colette Baron-Reid or Sonia Choquette decks. Don’t have a deck of cards? Here is a link to a free online Doreen Virtue reading site. There are are many apps for your phone. Or you can book a session with me.


  • Have a journal, maybe you will have a special one for 2016 where you reflect each month. I light a candle, get some crystals out and create an abundant, loving atmosphere to work in.  I like to do a meditation first to get quiet and still and ask my guides to bring forth what is for my highest good for 2016.


  • Next set your intention. I asked for guidance first, for the year and then for each month. The first card I drew was to set the focus for the year. My words for 2016 are BOLD FOCUS. So drawing the prosperity card delighted me and the message was in alignment .


[Tweet “When you follow one path prosperity will flow” #heartwhisper]

  • Then you can either draw 12 cards for the year: that is what i have done in the past. This year I drew a card for each month, asked my heart whispers to guide me as well as reading the message. This was more powerful for me. The first card I drew was Dream Big. It is easy to stay small in your actions and thinking, often others want you to stay there too! This is my year for stepping out and up and playing a bigger game so I can create change for me, my life and ripple this out to the world.

[Tweet “What is your dream that will create ripples of change for you and the world?“]Suzie-reading--2016

  • When you have completed the reading, allow your heart to guide you and you might journal and/or put each message into you diary, to remind you to look at your planner or journal each month.

Work With Suzie

On Thursday I was asked by a client if I could do a 12 month reading for them with my new cards.

I used the process that I have outlined above and they were delighted:

 “Thank you so very much for my gorgeous Heart Whisper reading for 2016 Suzie. Just love your beautiful cards and was really touched by the extra insight your heart whispered to me. I’m so glad you’re sharing your wisdom and words with the world and your beautiful art just raises the vibration of the message, so powerful.”

I then decided to add this offering in for all my community. With a special introductory price just for January of $77. 

How this works: 

This is a 13 oracle card reading where I draw your focus card and then each month individually, so you have time to reflect on each month and allow my heart whispers to come through.
We meet on skype,  you will get a recording of the session and image of your focus card and the 12 individual Heart Whisper oracle cards with their messages.


Once you have purchased your session I will email you with confirmation and a link to schedule your session.  I am looking forward to working with you.

Any questions please contact me. (Also for Australians if you want to pay by direct deposit or for the Australian Link- )

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 


I Am Enough


Do You Know and Believe You Are Enough?

This week I have been waking up and saying I am enough. I have it written on the mirror in my bathroom to remind me I am Enough and repeat it often during the day. Especially if I am beating up on myself or the inner critic has come out to play,’

When I allow my inner critic to move me from my heart to my head up comes the feelings of

  • not being enough

  • then not being good enough

  • looking outside for confirmation that supports all these negative thoughts and feelings

The list can go on and on………… you know those feelings?

For me they come when I don’t trust the whispers of my heart and start doubting myself. Then I listen to others  and as happened this week I get stuck. Paralysis analysis steps in.  Absolute confirmation for me that FOCUS  is one of my words for 2016.

Why start a daily practice of repeating to yourself I am enough?

Inspired by my friend  The Soul Speaker Anne Aleckson who posted this week about her morning ritual and shared her  I am enough 100 day challenge.

Anne commented that her world was opening up and she as feeling more open to receiving and new opportunities. She shared the video that got her started on the daily practice.

Like Anne I watched it and was impressed and took it on half-heartedly. Then I went back to listen yesterday and I was inspired with the stories of change, often quite dramatic that  came about when one started to use these simple but challenging 3 words. Watch or listen to the talk by Marisa Peer an unusual therapist fascinated by how the mind works.

The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough” by Marisa Peer

 Marisa asks us to repeat:

I am enough

I am enough

I have always been enough

And now I know that I am enough

Everyone else knows it too

I will always be enough

This makes the unfamiliar, familiar.

Do share in the comments if you were inspired to start your own I Am Enough challenge. I am planning to start one in the Heart Whisper Circle, here on the blog and on my facebook page.


The talk is empowering , Marisa is funny and shares stories of inspiration that have come from writing I Am Enough in lipstick on a mirror.

I am enough

Yesterday at the beach I wrote the words I am enough in the sand and then enveloped the words in a big heart.  Believing you are enough boosts your self-esteem and then you look inside, trust and listen to the whispers of your heart. This leads to building your self-love too.


I have made some  products that you can use daily to remind that you are enough. 

I am enough mugDo you know you are enough?

Please share in the comments what you do maybe daily that is allowing you to really believe you are enough.

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH 


You always take me deeper into the many layers of self-love! You truly are “the Heart Whisperer”

Martine Joseph

Dear Suzie, I can’t praise you highly enough. During our coaching session I felt a huge weight was being lifted and gained such clarity as I got out of my head and really started listening to my heart whispers. Afterwards I felt at total peace. In just one session I’d shifted some major blocks and got out of my own way. I will keep your affirmations with me and use them whenever I need to. You have a powerful gift that needs to be shared with the world, much love and many thanks xx

Heather Bestel

Founder of The Happiness Garden

After working with you I knew I was on the right path - I am feeling much more in control. I have been a lot more grounded, stable and able to make decisions about the important stuff! My energy around my creativity returned and the vision I had for my life was reaffirmed. I was able to recognise the areas of my life that were pulling me down and holding me back and by shifting my attitude I’ve been able to face them and give them the attention they required to become ‘pleasures’ not ‘pains’! Thank you for painting a heart whisper that I too envisioned, it was perfect.

Sheryn Ellis

Suzie Cheel is wise, insightful and talented at helping others get clarity on the contents of one’s heart. During my session Suzie came up with a plan that has helped me find direction in a time of transition. I felt her advice was spot on! I highly recommend working with her. She’s simply filled with empathy and love!

Tess Marshall

The Bold Lofe

Suzie took us through a powerful exercise where we learned to listen to the whispers of our heart. It was such a beautiful experience and I got the message that I must keep doing what I am doing, that I am on the right track.  This for me was a wonderful clarification that I am on the right track.  Thank you Suzie, your ability to lead us to what is a true heart’s calling for what we should be doing with our life, is powerful!  Keep sharing your message and keep doing this powerful work, the world needs you.  To your success. 

Trevor Russell

Business Strategist, Trainer, Speaker

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