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Suzie’s 365 Painting Challenge

Suzie’s 365 Painting Challenge

The Daily Heart Painting of 100 Becomes 365! Am I Crazy? Maybe just a slightly wild idea   Back in January I embarked on a 12 day painting journey for 10 minutes a day and I started to feed my creative spirit again. After 10 days I kept going  for 2 more days and then... read more
21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams

21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams

Are you following or chasing your dreams? Yatin Khulbe from Buddytation ~Untraditional Self Improvement Blog  asked yours truly plus 40 Self-Development experts to share their 3 tips to follow a dream life?”and then he put them all into a great blog post: How to... read more
Get The Crap Out Of Your Life!

Get The Crap Out Of Your Life!

Get the crap out of your life! Wow those were the words that spilled onto the pages of my journal on Wednesday followed by ” That’s anything that takes you away from shining your light on the world!” I had just drawn the card for the day which was... read more
100 Days Of Heart Whisper Paintings

100 Days Of Heart Whisper Paintings

What do you do each day that keeps your heart in touch with your creative spirit? I have continued my daily 10-15 minutes of painting each day since I completed my 10 x 10 series back in January. I love it. Usually I do it when I first wake- It is like a morning... read more

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My Vision For You

My Vision For You

Hi I am Suzie Cheel –  The Heart Whisperer ~ Artist, Author, Speaker, Inspirer and Coach. I envision a world where your creativity empowers you, you have learned to attentively listen to the whispers of your heart.

You have unleashed your innate creative spirit and made the shift from your headland to your heartland and you have Created A Life That You Love.  Your positivity and love creates ripples of change. Together we make a difference.

You always take me deeper into the many layers of self-love! You truly are “the Heart Whisperer”

Martine Joseph

Dear Suzie, I can’t praise you highly enough. During our coaching session I felt a huge weight was being lifted and gained such clarity as I got out of my head and really started listening to my heart whispers. Afterwards I felt at total peace. In just one session I’d shifted some major blocks and got out of my own way. I will keep your affirmations with me and use them whenever I need to. You have a powerful gift that needs to be shared with the world, much love and many thanks xx

Heather Bestel

Founder of The Happiness Garden

Suzie Cheel is wise, insightful and talented at helping others get clarity on the contents of one’s heart. During my session Suzie came up with a plan that has helped me find direction in a time of transition. I felt her advice was spot on! I highly recommend working with her. She’s simply filled with empathy and love!

Tess Marshall

The Bold Lofe

Are You Listening To The Whispers of Your Heart?


Suzie took us through a powerful exercise where we learned to listen to the whispers of our heart. It was such a beautiful experience and I got the message that I must keep doing what I am doing, that I am on the right track.  This for me was a wonderful clarification that I am on the right track.  Thank you Suzie, your ability to lead us to what is a true heart’s calling for what we should be doing with our life, is powerful!  Keep sharing your message and keep doing this powerful work, the world needs you.  To your success. ker

Trevor Russell

Business Strategist, Trainer, Speaker