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12 Wayne Dyer Quotes That Influenced My Life

Did Wayne Dyer Influence You? I still remember the day in Sydney, 14 years ago when I met Wayne Dyer, such a humble man and heard him speak live for the first time.  I remember Des asking him if he did workshops and he said: Deepak did those.  Yesterday when I was opening my first BLAB I read : Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying. Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side. We Love You Forever Dad/Wayne           The Dyer Family I was Stunned And I think this must have showed on my face as I was already broadcasting with Melissa Reyes who was helping me with this first blab: Melissa who had not know of Wayne Dyer wrote after the show: I feel for you Suzie, it was hard watching you get that news. He will always be in your heart and will continue to influence you I then started the show with a short meditation and blessing to Wayne for the gift he had been to me and to the world. Last night I painted  Heart Whisper 213: I allowed  the brush just to flow and this is  what emerged as Wayne Dyer’s heart whisper. I have inserted my favorite quote: You will see it when you believe it ~ Dr Wayne Dyer #heartwhisper Click To Tweet That is a quote  I so often said the other way around I flicked through some of his many books... read more
Is Abundance Flowing Into Your Life Today?

Is Abundance Flowing Into Your Life Today?

Abundance flows, when you allow your heart to open wide and let the love in. #heartwhisper Click To Tweet What Does Love (read self-love/ self-worth) have to do with allowing the abundance to flow into your life? When You are kind to yourself we feel better about yourself, you take time to treat yourself and that means you keep your vibes raised. When our vibrations are raised we are open to receiving. Do you find it easy to receive? Do you believe you deserve to receive?  Or do you block your abundance? I have received this card 2 days in a row this week:Hathor: Receptivity with the message: “Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.” When we are open to receiving we open up our abundance flow too. Do you graciously accept when someone offers to buy your coffee, tea, meal etc?  I know know I do and say thank you. It also makes my heart sing. Someone compliments you on what you are wearing. Do you say thank you or do you start to tell a story that makes it a put down? I know I used to. When we negate a compliment or don’t accept a gift we are blocking the abundance and negating our self-worth. This week I have had my receiving antennae open and the abundance has flowed in many ways. Free coaching, a book, a yoga band, opportunity to speak , free bananas at the market today. I have been recording this in my Gratitude Journal that was a gift too. I made a video (1.39min) to thank Reba Linker for the... read more
How To Attract Abundance With The New Moon

How To Attract Abundance With The New Moon

Ways We Can Use The New Moon To Manifest Our Desires This week I have been noticing some of my colleagues talking about this Leo New Moon and how the next 13 months was going to herald shifts in energy and create transformation. As well a very special time for manifesting, stepping up and shining. I went and read at Astro style what it had to say about Capricorn and it resonated fully: Capricorn: Come out of hibernation and get back to the land of the living! Jupiter exits your intense and private eighth house, moving into your global and outgoing ninth house. Whew! You’re ready to engage with the wider world again. During this high-minded, adventurous cycle, you may travel, return to school, publish your work or launch an entrepreneurial startup. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the ninth house, so get ready for an enthusiastic and optimistic fresh start. Read yours here Mind you I do not understand all the Astrology lingo but I do know it is time for me to share, star and shine.   The sun even had a message for me yesterday. Yesterday I took this photo at the beach, shared it on Instagram and wrote these words.: It’s time to star and shine. How will you star and shine today? Listen to the whispers of your heart and follow them. My friend Shirley replied : My question each time I rise. So glad you’ve posed it to each of us, Suzie! I wonder if the moon will have a message for me tomorrow? The  new moon is a time for renewal, setting goals or intentions, a time of cleansing, releasing and... read more
How To Expand Into Abundance

How To Expand Into Abundance

Drawing a line in the sand to expand your abundance flow. We block our abundance from flowing into our lives by the words we speak and the thoughts we think. Then the actions we take based on those words and thoughts. It can be a downward spiral! I was conscious that yesterday I had put myself in a downward spiral that definitely had me sending out some negative vibes.  Monday’s activities seem to have become Tuesday’s! Monday Manifesting has become Tuesday Manifesting for me Amazing today everything that sent me spiralling downwards is flowing and I know being in the abundance of the beach, letting those ions onto my skin as I braved the winter sea- the water temperature has dropped below 20C ( 66 F). I felt abundant and alive as I swam. I know when I follow my regular morning what I call a spiritual practice of meditation,ACIM, journaling, morning pages followed by a beach walk my vibes are high. I am getting much more disciplined about not opening my computer first thing or checking facebook on my mobile. We are responsible for what we attract to our lives. Be aware and conscious of the words we speak… Click To Tweet When we are in lack and we use the words  I can’t ……, I am not …….., Don’t……… (You fill in the blanks) we are attracting negative thoughts into our vibrational bubble When we can see that abundance surrounds us daily we raise our vibes and think positive thoughts. This is a video I made earlier this year on Drawing a Line In the Sand to Expand into Abundance (Length 1.45min) Today is a great... read more

You always take me deeper into the many layers of self-love! You truly are “the Heart Whisperer”

Martine Joseph

Dear Suzie, I can’t praise you highly enough. During our coaching session I felt a huge weight was being lifted and gained such clarity as I got out of my head and really started listening to my heart whispers. Afterwards I felt at total peace. In just one session I’d shifted some major blocks and got out of my own way. I will keep your affirmations with me and use them whenever I need to. You have a powerful gift that needs to be shared with the world, much love and many thanks xx

Heather Bestel

Founder of The Happiness Garden

After working with you I knew I was on the right path - I am feeling much more in control. I have been a lot more grounded, stable and able to make decisions about the important stuff! My energy around my creativity returned and the vision I had for my life was reaffirmed. I was able to recognise the areas of my life that were pulling me down and holding me back and by shifting my attitude I’ve been able to face them and give them the attention they required to become ‘pleasures’ not ‘pains’! Thank you for painting a heart whisper that I too envisioned, it was perfect.

Sheryn Ellis

Suzie Cheel is wise, insightful and talented at helping others get clarity on the contents of one’s heart. During my session Suzie came up with a plan that has helped me find direction in a time of transition. I felt her advice was spot on! I highly recommend working with her. She’s simply filled with empathy and love!

Tess Marshall

The Bold Lofe

Suzie took us through a powerful exercise where we learned to listen to the whispers of our heart. It was such a beautiful experience and I got the message that I must keep doing what I am doing, that I am on the right track.  This for me was a wonderful clarification that I am on the right track.  Thank you Suzie, your ability to lead us to what is a true heart’s calling for what we should be doing with our life, is powerful!  Keep sharing your message and keep doing this powerful work, the world needs you.  To your success. 

Trevor Russell

Business Strategist, Trainer, Speaker

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